This site is a showcase for the photographic work of Judy Meakin whose work consists of photographic collages. They are intended to translate some of the sights and atmosphere of a place into something that is closer to that which we will see and feel.

"By compiling several pictures together, using the tones, colours and composition, I have attempted to extend the single view and make a picture either to be seen as a whole or as an abstract mood. Dartmoor and the North Devon Coast is a mass of tors, rocks and cliffs from which to draw strong and simple compositions."

Judy's collages combine the aesthetic languages of painting, design and photography and are a result of many years painting and photographing. Her constant return to look at paintings, especially by Turner and Constable and their diverse interpretations of the landscsape through powerful observation of the light and weather conditions, so much a feature of Dartmoor and the sea.

Added to these components is her complete tone of landscapes and the world of garden design, the contrast of wildness and manipulation and the amalgamation of the two.